Well Design and Planning

Based on the geological prognosis, subsurface targets, completion and/or repair proposal, Peak’s Well Engineers will perform the following activities culminating in the generation of a detailed, fit-for-purpose well design and no-nonsense detailed practical well operations programme.

Well design and planning activities include:

  • Offset Wells Studies
  • Well Design (drilling, completion, and/or workover) covering vertical, deviated, horizontal, HPHT, production, injection wells onshore and offshore
  • Materials, Rig, Equipment, and Services Specifications
  • Cost and Time Estimates
  • Well Programme preparation

Tendering & Contracts Management

We help the client to select the most suitable, efficient, and cost effective services from the maze of services providers and then supervise the delivery of the services without bias.

Regulatory Compliance

We work with the client to prepare and file the required documentations with the regulatory authorities and obtain permits as and when due.

PEAK is your ONE-STOP DESK for the realization of all your drilling, completion, and re-entry plans:

Well Engineering



Petroleum Engineering &
Projects Management